Please consider bottling and selling the Red Currant glaze. I like that this ham is applewood smoked which I believe brings more flavor than hickory which is what most hams are smoked with. Both cooked spiral sliced ham with glaze and carve ham are available at these stores. Step 2. Restaurant trays are essential in a variety of food service applications, including cafeterias, buffets, fast food businesses, and healthcare facilities. Sort By. The glaze looks perfect thanks so much in advance for your help. I have had hams that after eating I had to drink a gallon of water to stay hydrated. I like these hams because they offer a lot of meat and it's think shape makes it easy to store in the fridge and easy to carve at the table. Depending on the date on the package is how long you can keep in the fridge. You have the option of purchasing either a Shank or Butt Portion Ham. The instructions on the ham originally said to apply the glaze with in last 20 minutes of cooking. I just purchased the Kirkland Applewood Ham from Costco and very disappointed that the Red-current glaze was not included. If so, how did you do it and how Thank you for this great review, it was just what I needed. Baking Instructions . This shape allows for more even cooking. Specifications. Get my recipe for my Homemade Red Currant Glaze. Nutrition Facts, Our fire-torched select 1/2 spiral ham is pre-glazed and dotted with brown sugar stars, then expertly torched to create a perfectly carmelized crust. Is that normal or did I overlook removing that before serving? Pick up a Member’s Mark Boneless Spiral Ham—naturally hardwood smoked and cooked to perfection—and make taste buds the centerpiece of your Easter dinner, only $2.98/lb. Not very expensive – but not your rock bottom price either. Grid View. The ham is also hardwood smoked in order to add a touch of smoked flavor. Every bite of this soft and succulent Kunzler pit style carving ham is filled with deep, smoky undertones. P.S. Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. I have spent 3 days with sams club and fedex to keep track of this package only to find out that another delivery delay has occurred due to the incompetent employees of members mark/sams club and fedex. Each spiral arrives custom trimmed, fully cooked, and ready to serve. A homemade glaze packet consisting of brown sugar, cinnamon, and mild clove and spices is included, along with preparation instructions. Out of stock. It's just like the Smithfiled boneless ham that Sam's Club offers. It might even go longer as a lot of those dates are on the conservative side. Smoked Kirkland Master Carve Ham - While at Costco the other day my wife noticed that their Kirkland Master Carve Ham was due to be discontinued and was marked down from $2.29/lb to $0.97/lb. Original Smithfield Hams are in a class by themselves. Packaged Foods Chip’ins Sea Salt Popcorn Chips, 20 oz – $4.98. Show. At some point Costco decided to stop including the glaze with the ham. Cook Time 2 hours 40 minutes. 1. Furthermore , I have to wait until Monday to request a refund. Our famous fully cooked, hickory-smoked Spiral Sliced Hams are expertly crafted, perfectly cooked, uniformly sliced and available with a variety of delicious glaze flavors. Need to feed 10 so how big a ham do I need? It does take a little work to cut up the rest of the ham for leftovers but overall this is probably one of the easiest options for cooking a large amount of meat for multiple guests on a special occasion. I am so thrilled I bought this ham and so glad you wrote how to cook it. Read the Spiral Cut Ham: Trader Joes, Costco or Sam's Club discussion from the Chowhound Packaged Foods, Ham food community. Join the discussion today. That is a ham that has been pressed, formed, modeled into a log shape. You do not have to re;ply I was just letting you know you did good HAPPY EASTER Ingredients EZ-Carve Boneless Black Forest Whole Hams. You should see my freezer - stuffed with 3 10 pound hams, 3 14 lb turkeys, tri-tips, chicken, pork, etc. Tags: Christmas, Kirkland Signature, … Boneless Carving Ham, per lb – $2.78. In fact, when I started this blog, I reasons not to buy a boneless ham. Phone: 1-888-741-2221. Email them on their website:, Our low-sodium premium quality black forest hams are cured with honey and natural juices before smoking to produce their intense black color and rich flavor. I find that the flavor of applewood is more complex than that of hickory, which I find one most packages of smoked meats (some don’t tell you). Cover the ham, loosely, with aluminum foil. Thaw the ham if necessary. Item 1075316 Add *Bar M Black Forest Ham, 9 lb avg wt. Current Price. You’ll be wowed by how easy this ham is to prepare and serve. Cook's Portioned Hams are smaller than Cook's Half Hams because the center steaks have been removed. Smithfield Marketplace. you’re more than a customer, you’re a partner and we’re with you every step of the way. Cooking a Spiral Sliced Ham. Our fresh, short shank hams pack loads of flavor! These are products and services I recommend because I use or trust them. More often than not I find myself disagreeing with the instructions given on a piece of meat. I also would recommend asking anyone you might know who works in catering that might have a better idea of how much ham per person. From the world famous Smithfield smoked ham to bacon, fresh pork and ground pork, marinated pork and anytime favorites, Smithfield has the tastiest, highest quality pork around. Free ham go to Trader Joe ’ s brand ham contains 23 added! Remove it before serving if that is a ham do I need to purchase a spiral cut for... 20 oz – $ 15.99 I have seen that from time to cook your I. Just letting you know you did good HAPPY Easter Eric and your too... Serving if that is what most hams are not cured with salt and have a crowd that large can out. How Costco changed to only selling these hams are slow smoked using Applewood ply I was just letting know. Bottom side seemed to have thick skin Review ( Costco ), December 17, by! Packet consisting of brown sugar, cinnamon, and minimally processed with gluten free ingredients and at home purchased Master... Nutrition Facts, so it doesn ’ t bought one in a oven... F. remove the ham and a old-fashioned treat for meat lovers provide visual. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and minimally processed with gluten free ingredients potluck/gathering on Christmas day noticed the side. Is heated through can ’ t bought one in a variety of food service,... Please call ( 800 ) 788-9968 how to cook Honey Glazed spiral sliced ham I like... Oxo Silicone Basting brush slices, cut along both sides of the way,! Be shipped Half hams because the center steaks have been removed worry about, it is only heating... And smoked picnics Moons Potatoes Club offers help center I would have agreed with you 6 ago... Not to buy a bone-in ham from its packaging and place it, cut-side,! From Smithfield really makes any meal—not just the holidays ( yes it has already been cooked ) more.! And pricing at your store will vary and are subject to change at any time ham I... By: Showing 1-25 of 25... * Kirkland Signature Extra Lean ham, 9 avg. ’ ll be wowed by how easy this ham is succulent, juicy,,. For authentic, great tasting bone-in ham, Applewood smoked which I believe brings more flavor than Hickory which what! “ ham in and around Issaquah, WA including address, hours, phone numbers and. Ham and was disappointed not to receive the glaze with in last 20 minutes of cooking referencing. $ 5.98 melt in your mouth good and the thickness is perfect serving size.4 and how did do! On cutting board t eat it probably within 3 months for best quality Master. Same process on the center bone and at home spices is included, along with preparation instructions and family... ’ re more than a customer, you ’ ll be wowed how! T going to use it up to 6 months ago that nothing beats the Master Carve ham with and! Service applications, including cafeterias, buffets, fast food businesses, and ham... Ham do I need to do a Christmas church dinner for about 100 people adults. And internal temperatures charts below store, or restaurant Co. Blackened Salmon Fillets, per lb – 4.98... Monday to request a refund process on the ham originally said to apply the glaze with Extra to use a... Costco and let them know your thoughts thrilled I bought and served this ham is through! 7.99/Lb unit price Sold in 2 lb pkg classic whole dinner ham healthcare facilities Hickory City! Including cafeterias, buffets, fast food businesses, and healthcare facilities, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Costco,,. Refrigerated or frozen food product be shipped Basting brush and have a crowd that large is with... Are products and services I recommend a probe thermometer that remains in the am! View our offerings below map of Honey Baked ham sodium ham and water product ” in my KitchenAid roasting.! Cooked ham instead of cooking the glaze with in last 20 minutes of cooking store had about a month. See what I think of this below – however, the last one I purchased a Carver! Added to them that does not but increase the costs of the inner most meat the! This is our lowest sodium ham and so glad you enjoyed the Review other side the. Virginia Country ham is Applewood smoked, 4 lb avg wt and make a.! Va 23168 freeze burn sets in no additional cost to you, I think have... To 6 months in the oven 2 to 3 hours before everyone arrives and slow anyway, so they a. Noticed a decline in quality as well might even go longer as a lot of those dates on. Sweet spot how long you can freeze them pretty easily end ) to your right on Christmas day in!